Commissioned Portrait (2018) of Theresa Snaith, MD, First Female Doctor graduated from the University of MD Medical School in 1923

24x30 Oil on Canvas

In Williamsburg

Man and his pipe 14x18 Oil on Canvas

Portrait Study . Not available


Sam the Hobbit

Artist at the Museum - Oil on Canvas.

Peaceful Meditation 20x30 Oil on Canvas

Walking Fifi 30x40 Oil on Canvas

Waiting in Medjugorje 18x24 Oil on Canvas

Cowboy 20x24 Oil on Canvas.

Sandra Maria.  Not available

Gardening 24x30 Oil on Canvas


Dancers - After Degas


Beth playing her Flute

Raymond - Not available

Sandi - 24x30 - Not available

Flamenco Dancer  22x28  Oil on Canvas  Not available

Austin in German outfit

Young Christian and Nico.  Not available

Fishermen 20x24 Oil on Canvas - Not available

Memories 20x24  Oil on Canvas

Victorian Girls 11x14 - Sold.

Dancer at Rest - Not available



Fine Artist

Paintings by Maruja

Silent Reflection .

Beautiful Becca


In Williamsburg - Oil on Canvas

Passionate Flamenco 24x30 Oil on Canvas

Virgin and Child - Oil on Canvas.  Not available