Allium III  

A Bunch of Pears - Not available

Delicious Figs  12x14  Oil on Canvas - Not available

Allium II  

Sunny Alley

Gondola Ride  15x30


Gondoliers Wanted  18x24

Wild Flowers  18x22

Field of Lavender 16x20  Oil on Canvas

Orange Delight - Not available

Landscape and Still Life

Hay Country Side

Water Lilies  14x18

Lavender Farm  16x20  Oil on Canvas

On the Sea Shore


Portal of Flowers

Fine Artist

Paintings by Maruja

White Magnolia  12x16

Allium I  11x14 Oil on Canvas

Field of Poppies  22x29  Oil on Canvas

Colorful Staircase - not available

  1. Stampede - Not available

Quiet Setting  .16x20  Oil on Canvas

Afternoon Waterway

Subliminal Didgeridoo

Pomegranates  12x24  Oil on Canvas

Grazing Sheep  15x30 Oil on Canvas

Bougainvillea Under the Sun  16x20 Oil on Canvas