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one of life's pleasures is gardening. and capturing it in a painting is another.

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It is called “still life” because there is no action depicted. But the idea is to capture the beauty of a reality that expresses something, a thought, a deep feeling,. That's the idea..

After a full day’s work at the field, the laborer needs to rest and relax enjoying a good cigar..

Wild flowers are normally colorful and varied. So, in order to create a pleasant depiction, I prefer to represent what I would like for them to look like.

field worker



I have always been a great admirer of the tradition of realism in art as expressed by the Old Masters, and had a fascination with the sensitivity of colors especially as used by the impressionistic and modern artists.  My true passion, however, is tied to the expression of the human figure

My studio is located at 7711 Old Georgetown Rd, Studio B, Bethesda MD 20814.

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Paintings by Maruja

Landscapes and seascapes give us a panoramic view of our “home” here on earth, a horizon that leads us into the realm of the spirit of nature. It is a view to be pondered.